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Expansion joint covers

expansion jointOur company specialises in manufacturing expansion joint covers. We have over 40 years total experience in the area of expansion joints, with a loyal client base that spans 4 continents.

Our expansion joint covers meet the strictest requirements for fire and water-proofing, while allowing excellent seismic handling or any other type of movement that may be an issue. Our products are extensively tested and certified by independent institutions where required. At the same time, the design and finish of our expansion joint covers add to the overall aesthetics of the project they are installed.

Expansion joint

expansion joint coversWe know that choosing the right expansion joint can be difficult at times, due to the unique requirements of every project. We are here to help you find the right solution for your needs. Customer satisfaction is achieved either with ready-made products or, if required, with tailor-made solutions which ensure that no matter what kind of expansion joint problem you may have, we are able to offer a complete solution. All products can be shipped worldwide while the ready–made ones have very short delivery times, ensuring that your project will not be delayed.

Even if you are not sure what type of expansion joint cover you need, do not worry! Our team of technical experts is available to guide you and offer you innovative solutions at an affordable cost. Please contact us to see how we can both work together, to make your next project a little less complex and difficult, than what it already is.

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