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Quality and relialability since 1992

ACP Hellas was founded in 1992 with the sole purpose of designing, constructing and distributing expansion joint covers.

It also provides all the necessary support to designers and architects in order for them to be able to select the product that will cover all their needs concerning safety, aesthetics and value for money.

Through the years it has participated in a number of international projects delivering superior solutions, on time and within budget.

Expansion Joint covers

An expansion joint cover is used to bridge the gap between two adjacent structures. A properly designed EJC is not simply an aesthetic addition to the building that covers up the joint.

It has to conform to strict safety standards so that it can cope with a multitude of situations, which can be anything from water penetration and thermal expansion to earthquakes and fire resistance. Thus an EJC forms an integral part of a building’s safety features, which will be able to withstand any situation and provide sealing when and where it is needed the most.

ACP Hellas Products and services

  • Standard EJC product line- these products are a cost effective solution for all conventional situations, where value for money -without compromising safety- is required.
  • Specialised EJC product line- solutions for the more demanding situations, where a conventional EJC would not be able to offer the ideal solution, such seismic movement capability, high load capacity or watertight applications.
  • Custom- made EJC solution: if a particular application cannot be covered by any of the above categories, ACP can design and construct a tailor-made product that will cover the application’s needs. Before delivering the final product, several performance and functionality tests are carried out in order to ensure its efficiency.
  • Consulting services for architects, designers and installers. EJC specification and design can be a very complicated issue, especially with newer building regulations, with strict safety standards. For example, errors in EJC specification or installation can result is a breach of fire safety regulations as EJCs can offer potential fire routes that will bypass normal fire-resistant techniques, thus compromising the entire building. ACP can help designers understand the issues at stake and select the appropriate solution for their own project.
  • Technical support and Installation services, should those be required.

Quality Certificates

ACP HELLAS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company who strives to offer innovative products that cover all its partner’s applications, no matter how technically complicated they may be.

The resultant products are extensively tested and certified, by independent organizations to ensure they meet their highest safety and performance standards. Since the number of available test reports is very high, and constantly changes, please contact us to provide you (free of charge) the test report for the product that covers your need.

International presence

ACP HELLAS has been providing EJCs to European and global partners. Indicative project countries, where the EJCs have covered all design aspects and delivery targets are as follows:

EMEA (France, Ireland, KSA, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt etc)
Americas (Chile)
Asia (China, Vietnam, Thailand)
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Why Us

With us you are not simply another customer, but somebody that we hope to maintain a long-term business relationship.
Big enough to be able to support all sizes of projects but small enough to be able to offer custom solutions.
Our range of products offers the optimal compromise between cost and performance.
We can meet all realistic deadlines for the whole range of our products.

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