F.SS-PL, 2F.SS-PL, 3F.SS-PL, F.SS-GR


    Expansion joint covers for completed floors. Removable cover plates with excellent load capacity behaviour.

    Stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 with satin finish and countersunk holes.
    Other stainless-steel grades or finishes available upon request.
    Custom sizes, other than those shown below, also available upon request.

    Load capacity:
    Heavy pedestrian traffic, vehicular, trucks & forkliſt truck with solid tires traffic.

    Additional features:
    2F.SS-PL series: Suitable for joint gaps with uneven sides.
    3F.SS-PL series: Joints wider than 50mm.
    F.SS-GR series: Grooved surface for extra non-skid performance.



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