For sealing and covering expansion joints in inaccessible roofs. It is suitable for gap widths till 500mm and offers movement capability up to +50%.

– Cover made of 0,8mm thick patterned AISI 304 st.steel.
– Parapet cover(s) made of 1,5mm thick st.steel.
– Sealing system SIP-LM or 2SIP-LM or 3SIP-LM consisting of aluminium side-bases and santoprene Shore 38 insert.
– For gap widths over 200mm EPDM membrane is used instead of the above sealing systems.
– Product lengths: Up to 3m
– Perfect sealing – waterproofing of the joint gap.
– Trouble-free installation and dismantling.
– Great three-directional movement capability.
– Great resistance to mechanical strain.