Areas where absolute watertightness is required: industrial areas, external areas, sanitary areas, swimming pools, ramps etc.

– Bases of mill-finish aluminium alloy 60.63-TS
– Cover plates made of stainless steel AlSI 304, polished, 3-4mm thick.
– Joint sealing profile made of special PVC or Santoprene in 20m rolls.
– Perfect appearance.
– Large movement capability.
– Trouble-free installation.
– Great resistance to mechanical strain (passenger-car traffic & forklift trucks up to Stn).
– Easy replacement of the stainless steel cover-plate.
– Easy inspection-repair of the joint sealant.
– The profile system is watertight without gaps between sealant and cover-plate.
– Stainless steel plates are fire-resistant as they have melting point 1400°C.
– Movement varies according to plate width.
– Profile height can be increased with levelling mortar or adjustable wads.