Blanket type fire-barrier to prevent transmission of smoke and flame through horizontal and vertical expansion joint gaps. Easy on-site installation without additional splicing accessories..

Fire-proof core material encapsulated in stainless steel foil. System available with following designs to match various joint conditions and installation environment:
i. Standard option: with side-flanges for mechanical fixing,
ii. Self-retaining design: assembly that expands in the joint gap and follows joint movement.
iii. Block-shape assembly with incorporated compression spring. This type is recommended for joints with limited installation depth. Fire-proof mastic sealants may be used per case.

Systems classified as A1 (non-combustible) under EN 13501-1:2018.
Seismic movement for self-retaining assembly verified under ASTM E1399/E1399M – 97(2017).
Core-material tested under EN 13501-1/2018, EN ISO 1716, EN ISO 1182 & EN ISO 15117.
Various intumescent mastic sealants tested under ASTM E 814, BS 476: Part 20, UL 2079 & EN 1366-4 can be recommended.



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