F.SS-PL: Joints with large movements of finished floors in luxury areas, areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, vehicular or forklift truck with solid tires traffic.
2F.SS-PL: Joints with uneven sides on finished floors.
3F.SS-PL: Joints wider than 50mm on finished floors in industrial areas with forklift trucks traffic.
F.SS-GR: Applications similar to F.SS-PL. Plates have grooved surface for non-skid resistance

F.SS-PL, 2F.SS-PL, 3F.SS-PL, F.SS-GR: Stainless steel plate AISI 304 or AISI 316 predrilled with countersunk holes every 30-40cm in 3m long pieces.
F.BR-PL: Brass plate quality OT63, 3 or 4mm thick in neutral colour in 2m or 3m long pieces.
– Easy installation.
– Perfect appearance.
– Load capacity in combination with data included in 3FSP-IN-WT & 3FSP-IN-EHD series.
– Easy replacement.
– FIRE RESISTANT with melting point at 1400°C.
– Large movement.
(Other widths-thicknesses grooves available upon request, according required movement capability.)