Industrial and storage areas, ramps, car parks, areas with forklift vehicles with solid tyres (polyamide, teflon etc) and generally areas where extra high load capacity and watertightness are required.

– Heavy duty bases of mill-finish aluminium alloy 60.63-T5
– Cover plates made of stainless steel AISI 304, 4-5mm thick.
– Joint sealing profile made of special PVC or Santoprene in 20m rolls.
– Great resistance to mechanical strain.
– Perfect appearance.
– Trouble free installation.
– Effective multi-layer sealing.
– Easy replacement of the stainless steel cover-plate.
– Easy inspection-repair of the joint sealant.
– The profile system is watertight without gaps between sealant and cover-plate.
– Stainless steel plates are fire-resistant as they have melting point
Load capacity when non-moving load (pressure plate 25x70mm) was applied:
Joint width 100mm: 23,7kN with 3mm thick steel cover-plate
38,6kN with 4mm thick steel cover-plate
(Complete load capacity test from independent third-party laboratory available upon request)