Seismic joints in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic and movement capability: 100%

Bases and cover plates: Aluminium alloy 60.63-TS.
– Centering bar: Stainless steel AISI 304.
Product length
– Bases: 4m.
– Cover plates: a) 4m for cover plates with striated, non-skid surface,
in widths of 117-167-219mm, 4mm thick.
b) 3m for cover-plates

– Movement varies according to center-plate width.
– Profile ‘H’ can be increased by using levelling screed, link-levers Mi0 or preformed metal sections.
– Cover-plates with prefabricated striated – chamfered edges are available in widths of 117-i67-2i9mm and corner profiles in widths of 110-i57-2i0mm.
– Corner profiles are available in various sizes with machine made chamfered edges and smooth surface.