For floors with heavy pedestrian traffic with wider seismic expansion joints, where architectural requirements call for smaller visible profile widths.

– Bases: mill-finish aluminium alloy 60.63-T5 in 4m long pieces.
– Centre-plate: galvanised steel in 2m & 3m long pieces.
– Special composition PVC or Santoprene inset in black, grey and beige, in 20 and 50m long rolls.
Load capacity of type 2F.BRG-AL 100 when non-moving load
(pressure plate 80x20mm) was applied:
a) With empty center-pan (without flooring materials): 7,4kN
b) With center-pan filled with mortar & tiles: 37,1kN
c) With center-pan filled with epoxy mortar: 76,1kN
(Complete load capacity test from independent third-party laboratory available upon request)